New Boutique Experience

Milk Run is all about elevating your shopping experience while giving you the most pristine product money can buy. From kindling the embers of concept and crafting the designs, to picking the most sustainable materials and empowering production environment; Milk Run considers it all so you don't have to.

Not Just Retail. So Much More.

Our founder curates the entire Milk Run production process, start-to-finish. In fact, JD never passes up a moment to be involved in both the creative aspects and down at the Milk Run Brick and Mortar location at the CrossIron Mills Mall in Calgary.

If you see we're out of stock on our website, know that our online selection is only a fraction of what you can get from Milk Run.

Come in for the designs. Stay for the Fun.

We want our customers to have access to early releases, sneak peaks, and personalized deals through our Milk Run Club because we know how disappointing it can be when you wait in long-lines for your favorite design, just to get to the counter and find out that it's sold out in your size.

Instead, out website is dedicated to making sure that if you want it, you can have it.

With Milk Run, you can easily get any up and coming design from the comfort of your couch. That way, when you do come into our shop, you're there for the good and stay for the better.