About Us

Based out of Calgary in 2019, Milk Run started with one simple mission:

To bring you the most comfortable, long lasting white cotton tee in existence.


On the hunt for the best fabrics, perfect stitching and that feel good quality, Milk Run has sold a variety of menswear designs over the years.

These exclusive collections are available in limited quantities, because we know that with innovations in technology and changing fashion trends, there is truly no end to our mission. With that in mind, each Milk Run collection is carefully crafted to be an upgrade to your wardrobe, nothing less. 

Collections are curated to bring you the most creative designs on 100% cotton  that's ethically  sourced and  sustainable.

We believe in providing fair pay, fun, and safe working conditions from the ground up. It doesn't matter if you're creating the designs, making the products, selling or wearing them! It's all in good hands, right down to the hands that are making your favorite Milk Run shirt.

So, whether you want to revamp your style from head to toe or just sprinkle a small seasonal piece into your closet, Milk Run has everything you need under one shop. Come find us at the Cross Iron Mills Mall in Alberta, Canada if you're local. If not, you can always smash that sign up button and sign up to our newsletter for VIP access to even more exclusive collections, available only online.

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