Beverly Hills Milk Run Club


As a member of our Beverly Hills Milk Run Club, you will get a chance to win extra perks like Early Access to our drops, Cash to Spend towards purchases, and other promotions. All you have to do is sign up and use your personalized referral link to build a team of trusted racers.


Each person you refer will get 10% off their next purchase and we'll add 1 Fuel Point (FP) to your tank. 
To keep it easy, just remember that each teammate earns you $1 on your Milk Run Payout. 

You can redeem your fuel points at $10 increments or save them for better discounts in the future. Once you reach 20 teammates, you'll become the Team Leader!

All Team Leaders get Early Access to each of our exclusive Members Only capsules. 

Note: It may take up to 24hrs for your account to accurately reflect your points. If you have any questions or are having issues, please contact us at

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Exclusive Milk Run designs by James Dean, Proudly Canadian. Limited Quantity. While Supplies last.

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